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News of the Day

  • La. Protests Hark Back to '50s, '60s
  • Thousands Rally for 6 Black Teens in Louisiana.; Protests Evoke Memories of Civil Rights Era
  • Bush Sidesteps Criticizing Iraq Shooting
  • President Bush Says Investigators Must Determine What Happened in Iraq Shooting Involving Firm
  • Democrats Proceed With Iraq Legislation
  • Democrats Proceed With Legislation Ordering Troops Out of Iraq, Despite Lacking Votes to Win
  • Dollar Drops to Canadian Dollar's Level
  • Also down against the euro; how the dollar's drop affects you.
  • Getting Personal: Clinton Ally Rips Giuliani
  • Vilsack assails Giuliani despite Clinton pledge to run positive campaign.
  • Google Guys Crack Forbes' Top 5 Richest
  • 25th annual richest list shows high finance was good money last year.
  • Burned Kids' Mom Charged With Murder
  • A mother has been charged with murder after burning death of one of her kids.
  • McCarthy: Carrey Is 'Autism Whisperer'
  • Jenny McCarthy says boyfriend Jim Carrey has connected with her autistic son.
  • Going Under the Knife Without the Scars?
  • We talk to one doctor about scarfree surgery and what it means for the future.
  • Storm With Top Winds of 95MPH Brewing Off Fla. Coast; Oil Industry Preps
  • Gulf Coast residents are keeping an eye on a weather system west of Fla.
  • Republican Candidates Court the NRA
  • GOP 2008 candidates -- plus Dem Bill Richardson -- address the NRA Friday.
  • 'God' Apparently Responds to Lawsuit
  • Letter left by "God" says that courts lack jurisdiction over him.
  • Cops: Couple Locked 7 in Basement
  • Three of the children and the two women have "mental/physical" disabilities.
  • Rapist Chooses Castration Over Life in Prison
  • A confessed rapist undergoes castration to avoid life prison sentence.
  • Police: Man Fed Live Cats to His Pit Bulls
  • A Georgia man is accused of capturing cats and feeding them to his pit bulls.
  • Police: Man Made Up Story of Missing Boy
  • Broward County authorities say man lied about a missing 10-year-old boy.
  • Judge OKs 'Hitler Youth' Buttons
  • Judge Rules Students Can Wear 'Hitler Youth' Buttons to Protest School Uniform Policy
  • Florida O.J. -- Simpson Back Home
  • O.J. Simpson took a commercial flight back home to Miami last night.
  • Simpson Released on $125,000 Bail
  • Judge orders Simpson to surrender his passport, stay away from witnesses.
  • The Man Who Could Put O.J. Away for Life
  • Veteran Vegas prosecutor David Roger tackles O.J. case.
  • Landis Told to Give Up Tour de France Title
  • Tour de France winner can make one more appeal in doping case.
  • Spector Jury Sent Back to Deliberate
  • The jury will resume deliberations on murder charges against Phil Spector.
  • McDonald's Strip Search Victim 'Petrified'
  • Woman who fell victim of a strip search hoax at McDonald's testified Thursday.
  • Scientists: Velociraptors Had Feathers
  • Arms of dinosaur made famous by "Jurassic Park" had feather anchors.
  • Spears: Schoolgirl to Parenting School
  • Court orders Britney Spears to meet with a parenting coach.
  • The King in Superhero's Clothing
  • Elvis Presley's influential style was inspired in part by his quirky passions.
  • Gates: 'Don't Know' If Iraq War Worth It
  • Roberts Gates said, "I don't know" when asked if Iraq War was right thing to do.
  • Did Quit-Smoking Pill Lead to Man's Death?
  • Girlfriend believes Chantix and alcohol caused Texas man's bizarre behavior.
  • Toddler 911 Call: 'Momma Owie'
  • Alana Miller, 2, called 911 and used her limited vocabulary to save mom.
  • Three Weeks And Still No Sign of Fossett
  • The search for adventurer and aviator Steve Fossett enters its third week.


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